In the year 404, Huiyuan wrote a treatise On Why Monks Do Not Bow Down Before Kings (沙門不敬王者論).[4] This book symbolized his efforts to assert the political independence of Buddhist clergy from the courts of monarchic rulers. At the same time, it was a religious and political text that aimed to convince monarchs and Confucian-minded ministers of state that followers of Buddhism were ultimately not subversive. He argued that Buddhists could make good subjects in a kingdom due to their beliefs in retribution of karma and the desire to be reborn in paradise. Despite the Buddhists' reputation of leaving their family behind for a monastic life, Huiyuan stated "those who rejoice in the Way of the Buddha invariably first serve their parents and obey their lords."[1]
Its population was 3,700,000 at the 2016 census whom 1,301,732 live in the built-up area made of 4 urban districts (Jiefang, Shanyang, Zhongzhan and Macun) and Bo'ai County being urbanized. Jiaozuo enjoys a humid subtropical climate with continental climate influences. Winters are cool and relatively dry while summers are hot and often rainy. Average temperature ranges from 0.3 °C in January to 27.5 °C in July. Extremes exist from -22.4 °C to 43.6 °C. Precipitation averages 659 mm.
School of Design Design education in the built environment at Shanghai Jiao Tong University can be traced back to the early twentieth century. In December 2017, the University grouped the design related disciplines scattered in different schools, and amalgamated three departments, Architecture, Design and Landscape Architecture, to establish the new School of Design. The new discipline cluster, incorporating the above 3 disciplines and named “innovative design”, has been identified by the university as one of the key 17 “double first class” discipline clusters which will receive significant future support and investment from the university.
The university's School of International Education is located here, where a large number of international students take classes throughout the academic year (however, most international students that take degree courses are in Minhang campus). The campus still houses a variety of scientific research institutions, State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering for instance, although most moved to the new campus since 1987.
Ovarian cancer is one of the most common cancers which cause female mortality. The knowledge of ovarian cancer initiation and progression is critical to develop new therapeutic strategies to treat and prevent it. Recently, SOX3 has been reported to play a pivotal role in tumor progression. However, the clinical significance of SOX3 in human ovarian...
School of Environmental Science and Engineering Environmental Science and Engineering (ESE) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) originated from the municipal engineering program established in 1926. The School of Environmental Science and Engineering (SESE) was formally established in 1999 and environmental engineering doctorate program and environmental engineering master program of engineering were established in 2001 and 2002, respectively. In 2003,the first level discipline doctoral program of environmental science and engineering was approved.
To make the competition for his daughter's hand-in-marriage a fair one, Huang Yaoshi sets a series of three tests for the two contestants: Guo Jing and Ouyang Ke. The first obstacle is a test of martial arts. Ouyang Feng spars with Guo Jing while Hong Qigong fights Ouyang Ke. Guo Jing wins the first bout but ties with Ouyang Ke in the subsequent round, which involves appreciation of a piece of music played by Huang Yaoshi. The last assessment is a test of memory, in which Huang Yaoshi produces an incomplete copy of the Nine Yin Manual, without identifying the book, and asks the two contestants to memorise the text and recite to him later. Guo Jing read the manual before so he recites fluently and defeats Ouyang Ke.
... These clinical and basic science studies therefore suggest that P4 might be useful as an adjunct treatment for ovarian cancer. In fact one study using a xenograph ovarian tumor model has shown that high doses of P4 enhance the apoptotic action of cisplatin [5], which is consistent with a very limited clinical trial data [6]. Unfortunately other trials in both animal and humans have been relatively unsuccessful (See review by Ho [2]). ...
China Europe International Business School China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), a joint-venture for management education, was co-founded by the Chinese government and European Union (EU) in 1994, with Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the EFMD serving as its executive partners. As China's only business school to originate from government-level collaboration, CEIBS is committed to educating responsible leaders versed in "China Depth, Global Breadth" in line with its motto of "Conscientiousness, Innovation and Excellence". Leaders from the Chinese central government and the EU have respectively lauded CEIBS as "a cradle of excellent executives" and "a role model of EU-China cooperation". CEIBS offers MBA, EMBA, Global EMBA, Finance MBA and Executive Education programmes. Renowned for its academic rigour, CEIBS is the first business school on the Chinese mainland to have been accredited by both EQUIS and AACSB and the only business school in Asia to have simultaneously made it to the Financial Times' top 30 list of MBA, EMBA and Executive Education programmes.
Zhiyuan College The Zhiyuan College, established in January 2010, offers “Zhiyuan Honors Program” to the top 5% SJTU undergraduates. Today, Zhiyuan has seven undergraduate programs: Mathematics, Physics, Life Science, Computer Science, Chemistry, Engineering and Biomedical Science. Aiming at cultivating top-notch talents into international academic masters, Zhiyuan College has recruited a group of eminent scholars from around the world to build first-class faculty team. Each year, Zhiyuan admits 350 students and there are 433 alumni worldwide currently, 90% of whom are pursuing further studies at top domestic and international universities and institutions. In addition to having a strong academic record, students who show a strong interest and the potential to pursue a research career are selected. In 2014, the talent training model of Zhiyuan College won the first-class award of “National Teaching Achievement Award”; and in 2016, “Zhiyuan Model” won “Cultivating Curiosity Award” and “Natural Sciences Award” of “Reimagine Education 2016”, which is jointly hosted by Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and QS—international institution for world university rankings on education.
To study the expression of VEGF, KDR, MMP-1, and its transcription factor Ets-1 on the interstitial neovasculogenesis in human cervical carcinoma on molecular level, which may provide further theoretic bases on judgement of prognosis and explain interregularity between neovasculagenetic factors. VEGF, KDR, MMP-1, and Ets-1 were detected in 87 cervi...