Jiao Yulu was born in Yuanquan Town of Boshan District, in Zibo city, in Shandong province, to a poor family, on August 16, 1922, during the Republic of China.[3] Both his father Jiao Fangtian (焦方田) and mother were farmers.[3] He had only four years of schooling.[3] His father hanged himself during the Second Sino-Japanese War.[3] Jiao Yulu was conscripted into the Japanese labor and he was sent to coal-mining in Fushun, Liaoning, Manchoukuo.[3] He escaped to Suqian, Jiangsu in the fall of 1943.[3] He had been a farm labourer for two years for the landowner Hu Tairong (胡泰荣).[3]
School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering The School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering (NAOCE) has a strong tradition of excellence and is comprised of five departments: naval architecture and ocean engineering, engineering mechanics, civil engineering, architecture, and transportation and shipping logistics. It is the home of the State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering and the Collaborative Innovation Center for Advanced Ship and Deep-Sea Exploration. The naval architecture and ocean engineering program has been ranked No. 1 in 2017 Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects. The School also features two state key disciplines (Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering; Mechanics). The School has 224 faculty members, including 78 professors and 90 associate professors. Among them, there are seven academicians of CAS and CAE, eight Thousand Talents Plan experts, six MOE Cheung Kong Scholars, and two NSFC distinguished young researchers.
Henan Polytechnic University (HPU)[1], with a history of nearly 100 years, is the first mining university in Chinese history. Its former is Jiaozuo Coal Mining School which was established by the British Syndicate Co. Ltd., in 1909. It has changed its names several times in the course of development, namely, FuZhong Coal Mining University, Jiaozuo Private Institute of Technology, North-west Institute of Technology, Jiaozuo National Institute of Technology, Jiaozuo Mining Institute and Jiaozuo Institute of Technology. The University resumed its name of Henan Polytechnic University in 2004.
To determine the role of oestrogen receptor α (ERα) in the regulation of survivin expression by 17β-estradiol (E(2)) in ovarian cancer cells and to evaluate the mechanism of E(2) action on ovarian cancer cell migration. We performed RT-PCR and Western blot analysis to assess the expression of ERα in the ovarian cancer cell lines NIH:OVCAR-3 and SKO...
SJTU-ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology The SJTU – ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology (SPEIT) brings together the strengths of leading French Grandes Ecoles (Ecole Polytechnique, Mines ParisTech, Telecom ParisTech, ENSTA ParisTech) and of Shanghai Jiao Tong University to develop Sino-French research and innovation collaboration and to educate high-potential Chinese and international students to become industrial leaders and innovators with: • a broad-based scientific background • the ability to evolve in a multicultural business environment • a forefront knowledge in one specialty field: Information and Communication Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Power and Energy Engineering. SPEIT enrolled its first students in 2012. In 2013, SPEIT was inaugurated by preceding French President, Mr François Hollande. In 2015, it got the accreditation of French Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs and EUR-ACE: SPEIT graduates are awarded French titre d’ingénieur, which is internationally acknowledged as an equivalent to a Master in Engineering Science. In June 2016, SPEIT was granted an excellent Sino-French collaboration award by Chinese Vice-Prime Minister and French Minister of Education.
UM-SJTU Joint Institute The UM-SJTU Joint Institute (JI) was jointly established in 2006 by two premier universities, the University of Michigan and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The mission of JI is to build a world-class educational and research institute in China and foster future researchers and leaders with a global perspective. Abiding by the philosophy of “Internationalization, Interdisciplinary, Innovation, and Quality”, JI adopts curriculums blending the unique features of the two founding universities. Both of its undergraduate majors, Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE), achieved the world’s most authoritative ABET accreditation. All courses are taught in English by world-class faculty recruited from global leading universities in the U.S. and other developed countries. Many are winners of prestigious awards such as Yangtze Scholar, 1000-talent Scholars, New Century Talents, Pujiang Scholars, and Shanghai Magnolia Gold and Silver Awards. JI has won many awards for higher education innovation, including the “Model of Chinese Higher Education Reform” from the Chinese State Council and the “Andrew Heiskell Award for Innovation in Higher Education” from the Institute of International Education, one of the most prestigious awards in international education.
Objective: This research was carried out to investigate the effectiveness, rationality, and safety of laparotomy management compared with uterine artery embolization (UAE) combined with methotrexate (MTX) for the treatment of deep implantation cesarean scar pregnancy (CSP II). Materials and methods: Data from 29 patients seen between June 2008 and...
School of Physics and Astronomy The physics department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University was initially established in 1928, and was one of the earliest physics programs in China. Starting from 2007, the University made a strategic decision to rebuild a first-class physics program and started to invest newly on several subfields of physics, such as particle and nuclear physics, laser & plasma physics. After further incorporating astronomy and astrophysics in the year of 2016, the department was renamed the School of Physics and Astronomy. The School currently has now sixty-six full professors and forty-three distinguished research fellows which is equivalent to tenure track assistant professors in the US system. It has seven research institutes. The School sets up its mission to meet the Chinese national strategic demands in physical sciences and related interdisciplinary fields. It strives to establish a world-class research-education center of physical sciences that aim to solve scientific problems of substantial importance and to cultivate next generation of leading physicists. At present, the School covers two first-class disciplines of physics and astronomy. It has become one of the three most comprehensive physics schools in C-9 group, one of the four physics schools who boast national collaborative innovation research centers, and one of the first batch of six pilot institutes in Shanghai Jiao Tong University to build the world-class universities. It is acknowledged as one of the most competitive, fastest-growing, and comprehensive physics colleges in China.
To identify an effective auxiliary therapy for epithelial ovarian cancer. Progesterone acetate given at 250 mg intramuscularly twice a week for 1 month followed by increased administration to 500 mg intramuscularly every two weeks for 3 years was used in combination with platinum based chemotherapy to treat patients with epithelial ovarian cancer a...
Its population was 3,700,000 at the 2016 census whom 1,301,732 live in the built-up area made of 4 urban districts (Jiefang, Shanyang, Zhongzhan and Macun) and Bo'ai County being urbanized. Jiaozuo enjoys a humid subtropical climate with continental climate influences. Winters are cool and relatively dry while summers are hot and often rainy. Average temperature ranges from 0.3 °C in January to 27.5 °C in July. Extremes exist from -22.4 °C to 43.6 °C. Precipitation averages 659 mm.
In the same year, Feng Heng was pregnant with Huang Rong. When she learnt that the copy she wrote had been stolen, she attempted to write another from memory for her husband. However, the stress was too much for her to bear so she died shortly after giving birth to Huang Rong. Huang Yaoshi was deeply tramautised by the loss of his wife and driven to near-insanity. He vented his anger on his other four apprentices (Qu Lingfeng, Lu Chengfeng, Wu Mianfeng and Feng Mofeng) by crippling them and banishing them from his island.
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On February 13, 2004, Yuntai Mountain as the fifth in the world, the third in the country China, was named the world's first World Geopark by UNESCO and caused attention at home and abroad. Meanwhile, Yuntaishan is also a national scenic spot, National Civilized Scenic Area, the first national AAAAA-level scenic spot, national natural heritage, national forest parks, national macaque nature reserve. Yuntain Mountain also has Asia's highest head drop waterfall.
To compare the therapeutic and toxic profile of topotecan given intraperitoneally with intravenously in human ovarian cancer xenografted into athymic nude mice. Eighty female Balb-c/nu-nu mice were randomized assigned into eight groups (n=10). Xenografts resulted from intramesentery injection of cultured human ovarian cancer cells SKOV3 in athymic...