To make the competition for his daughter's hand-in-marriage a fair one, Huang Yaoshi sets a series of three tests for the two contestants: Guo Jing and Ouyang Ke. The first obstacle is a test of martial arts. Ouyang Feng spars with Guo Jing while Hong Qigong fights Ouyang Ke. Guo Jing wins the first bout but ties with Ouyang Ke in the subsequent round, which involves appreciation of a piece of music played by Huang Yaoshi. The last assessment is a test of memory, in which Huang Yaoshi produces an incomplete copy of the Nine Yin Manual, without identifying the book, and asks the two contestants to memorise the text and recite to him later. Guo Jing read the manual before so he recites fluently and defeats Ouyang Ke.
School of Mathematical Sciences The School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS) enjoys a rich history dating back to the establishment of Department of Mathematics in 1928, 32 years after the founding of the university. One evidence of its place in modern mathematics in China is that the first Congress of the Chinese Mathematical Society was held in 1935 at SJTU. In 2014, the Department of Mathematics was selected by the central government as one of the first four Model Schools for Internationalization, which encourages us to be more internationalization in its practices, vision and outlook. With the growth in size, it was reorganized into the School of Mathematical Sciences in December 2015. With more than 100 faculties members, the school now consists of 3 departments (Mathematics, Applied and Computational Mathematics, and Statistics) and 1 center (Research Center for Mathematics Education).
... Interestingly, estradiol may play a dual role in modulating NRF2 activity. On the one hand, its metabolites activate NRF2 via the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) (independent of the ER) [29]. While recent studies demonstrated that estradiol leads to an activation of NRF2 in a wide range of cell types [30,31], the estradiol effect was only noted on protein and not on mRNA levels, suggesting that the main effect of estradiol is based on NRF2 protein stabilization [32]. ...